St. Matthew's Church of Scotland, Perth - Growing, Knowing, Going & Showing, in God
At St. Matthew's we believe that the birth of a child is a spiritual experience (even though it is an intensely physical experience at the time!). The fact that we can feel so much of that mysterious, invisible, non-scientific stuff called "love" for our children is evidence that we are surely more than just animals who have evolved biologically. This is why we are delighted to share in the good news of another child born into God's world.  (If you're interested in this whole faith v science debate yuou need to read this book).
We warmly welcome you and your new family member to worship with us any Sunday at 11am. A crèche is available at morning worship as St. Matthew's is very relaxed and understanding of the practical needs of parents and children alike.  Of course, if you'd rather have your baby with you in the church itself, that is perfectly ok with us too, but the creche has a live video feed from the church onto flat screen TV.  This means you can still be part of things even if you need to leave to feed or change a nappy etc.
Please feel free to bring prams into the building. There is an internal ramp for access to the church hall.
We would be equally pleased to discuss baptism with you if promising to bring your son or daughter up in the Christian Faith was something you wished to consider. Simply contact our minister or church office for further details. 
We issue welcome gift bags to all visitors on baptism Sundays and we always like to have a picture of your baby on our big screen too.   Please look out a few of your favourite digital photos that can be used on the day.
Equally, if you are an adult who would like to pursue Holy Baptism for yourself, then please get in touch for a chat about what this would involve.
Additional to all of the above, St. Matthew's are very pleased to announce that we can now webcast your baptismal service live, via audio and / or video, to relatives and friends around the world.  There is also an lcd screen that can be used for a personalised welcome to guests on the day.  Equally, by using the up to date technology that we have in place we can record to digital media for those treasured memories of a special day.  Please just speak to the minister about these services if you would wish them.
Best wishes for your sleep-filled nights!!
"Look, here is water. Why shouldn't I be baptized?"
Acts 8:36