St. Matthew's Church of Scotland, Perth - Growing, Knowing, Going & Showing, in God
Jesus Christ is obviously a central figure in our church and in our Christian Faith.  At St. Matthew's we love trying to learn more and more about him,and are very open to new ideas and views (and indeed doubts about him!). 
Our minister loves the video below about Jesus,because it expresses simply a whole host of views.
What's your view?  How do you fancy coming and sharing it with us sometime, or emailing us,or grabbing a coffee?  All we are doing here on Tay Street in Perth is seeking to follow Christ, and we certainly don't think we've got him altogether sussed!      Maybe we can help each other?
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Who is Jesus? Street Interviews
We asked people on the streets of Baltimore, their opinions on Jesus
Below is another video by one of our minister's favourite authors, Brian D. McLaren.  Certainly, a lot of what is said in this video reflects the majority of what we're about at St.Matthew's.
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Jesus & The Kingdom
Author Brian McLaren discusses the liberating yet disturbing message from Jesus about living in the Kingdom of God.
"But what about you?" he asked.
"Who do you say I am?"
Matthew 16:15